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Restoring Chico - Episode 1
Restoring Chico - Episode 1
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Restoring Chico - Episode  2
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Restoring Chico - Episode  3
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Restoring Chico Episode  4
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Restoring Chico

One house at a time. 

When someone remodels a home in Chico everybody wins.  The homeowners win because they’re excited to come home every night. The small businesses who work on the home win, the neighborhood wins when the homes on the street are restored, and as the neighborhoods win, little by little the city of Chico wins!  That’s a whole lot of winning, and that’s why we want to showcase a local home renovation project. 


Your home is the most important space where you exist on the planet. It’s where you eat, where you sleep, where you raise kids, and where you do life.  Why not invest in it? A home renovation is unique because if you do it right, some or all the expenses that are spent on the home could be recaptured as the value of the home increases.  Sometimes your home can increase in value above and beyond the cost of the remodel! It all depends on the decisions that are made in the remodel.  


If you are interested in restoring a local Chico home (or the surrounding area) we would like to connect with you!  If you’re interested in purchasing a fixer upper we can find you one and give you the costs on a full or partial remodel.  Lastly, if you have a fixer upper that you would like to see restored in our city please let us know and we will find a buyer who would be interested in restoring and renovating the property.  Together we can help renovate and restore the homes in Chico! 


Click on the links to get connected. 



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Ask about $100 off of Flooring by mentioning the show!

2525 Dominic Drive

Chico, CA 95928

Showroom: (530) 343-1661


1166 E. Lassen Ave
Chico, CA 95973
(530) 342-2214

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